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For green planting enthusiasts, affordable and durable gardening tools are the key to good green planting. If there are friends in the balcony garden at home, naturally there is no lack of the use of various gardening tools. Therefore, fans should spend more time on gardening tools to understand their functions.

Loosen tool

For exquisite, compact and portable tools for loosening soil, not only can they be used for plant transplantation, loosening soil and other work, but also can promote plant root respiration. Of course, shovels are also widely used and are one of the necessary horticultural tools. However, it should be noted that the shovel body is relatively small, so the handle and shovel body are easy to break, and should be used carefully.

Watering tool

There are two main functions of watering pots. One is to water plants. Second, the use of pesticides containers.

Nowadays most watering pots can spray out in a foggy way, which can not only make water sprinkle evenly on plants, but also make it easy to spray medicine to the bottom of leaves. Keep in mind that every time you use the kettle, you should remember to clean it to avoid bacteria.

Pruning tool

Horticultural scissors are an indispensable part of green planting care. Horticultural scissors on the market are usually priced by the sharpness of their blades. For general family gardening care, general gardening scissors can be competent for important positions. If you are worried that younger children in your family will hurt themselves while playing, you may consider using round-headed gardening scissors.

If you want to take care of the flowers and plants in your home, you must have the help of gardening tools.

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