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The tense and busy work makes the mind and body feel exhausted. If you have your own garden, you may be able to forget your troubles and trifles for a while and enjoy the beauty of flowers quietly. Whether it’s a balcony or planting plants in the courtyard, you need to prepare some intimate and practical gardening tools.

Shovel tool

Soil-shoveling tools are very important tools in horticultural tools. If there is no soil-shoveling tools, you must use both hands to dig the soil, which will inevitably lead to skin injury. Soil-shoveling tools can easily shovel the soil and make the planting process easier. Therefore, if you are going to build your own small garden, you should first prepare soil-shoveling tools.

The Mini three-piece set of gardening shovel from Jinrun’s home contains shovel and rake, which is very practical. The part of shovel soil is made of metal material, which is treated with rust-proof treatment. It has good acid-proof and corrosion-proof property, is not easy to rust, and has a long service life. The wooden handle is designed to be lengthened to make it easier to handle.

The shovel made of metal has a simple shape. The metal material is tough and durable. It has strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to wear and tear, and has a long service life. Its handle is made of anti-skid rubber, soft and durable, easy to handle, not easy to slide, and can make the use process more smooth. The top of the handle is provided with hanging holes, which can be suspended and accepted.

Pruning tool

After planting green plants, pruning head is needed regularly in the later period, pruning head regularly for plants can make plant shape more beautiful. In addition, pruning head is also needed for planting fruits and vegetables. Therefore, pruning tool is also an important tool in horticultural life.

The garden scissors are made of SK5 high carbon steel blades imported from Japan. They are extremely sharp and can cut the branches of plants quickly. The surface is treated with Teflon rust-proof treatment. They are corrosion-proof, rust-proof and have a long service life. The curve of the handle conforms to ergonomics, holding hands smoothly, holding hands for a long time without hurting hands.

This is a garden scissors with retractable function. Its handle can adjust the length according to the actual needs to meet the needs of the public. Its knife edge is designed with wavy pattern. When shearing, the branches will not slip and the safety is high. The blade is coated with Teflon, which is not easy to rust and can protect the blade.

Green flower planting can always make people feel happy. If you want to make gardening full of scenery and greenness, you should prepare these gardening tools in advance.

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