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It’s not a very sad thing to come home every day and see the dead. But he is also a new kind of meat, but he wants to add a greenness to his family. So the necessary gardening tools need to be prepared beforehand. Don’t be a fleshy killer who kills flowers with hot hands.

Nurturing meat is not only a technical task, but also in the process of handling meat, there will inevitably be many troublesome things (black rot, rotten roots, fallen leaves). So what should you do when yearning for nature?

Watering seems to be a very simple action, but there is knowledge we don’t know. And if the surface of the pot soil is wet while the bottom is dry when breeding meat. Over time, fleshy roots are likely to die from water shortage.

German imported design of air pressure spraying kettle, spraying uniform, time-saving and labor-saving. Two unique spraying methods, reflecting a small spot flooding on the water surface. High quality environmental protection material, non-toxic and tasteless, glittering and translucent water beads, scattered in the secret garden at home.

Every life needs breathing, so meat is no exception. Frequent loosening of fleshy potted soil can not only increase the gap between plants (increase air), but also effectively promote the absorption of oxygen by fleshy roots, thus providing the later development of fleshy soil.

Small and delicate gardening toolbox, small partners get hands are particularly fond of. Tools are cute in shape and soft in color. Selected 5 sets of tool gift boxes are suitable for the porky balcony, so that you can enjoy a comfortable urban gardening life.

Although everyone is eager to have a colorful scenery at home, it is not enough to have enough enthusiasm, because whether it is porky loose soil, water control, or pruning, we need to use the corresponding gardening tools.

Root pruning made of high quality steel imported from Taiwan makes it easier to prune roots. The incision is smooth, wear-resistant and durable, so that the meat is no longer laborious. Built-in compression spring ensures that most fans can operate easily!

If we want to grow a fleshy plant on our balcony, we must have the help of various meat-raising tools. Because whether it is a single meat, or a piece of plate, we need to use some corresponding tools to complement each other, so the necessary tools are indispensable.

Horticultural stainless steel shovel, high quality and thick high strength alloy stainless steel forging, handle material for the corresponding alloy raw materials, laser laser calibration, fine material, durable. The shovel not only becomes the carrier of interaction between people and life, but also leaves a good mark on our garden.

Meat culture is a gradual process, so we need to be patient enough to maintain a lovely fleshy plant!

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