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Meat fans will surely use some gardening gadgets in the process of maintaining fleshy plants. Tools familiar to meat fans include watering kettles, air blowing, brushes, tweezers and cylindrical shovels. But many novices do not think these tools are useful, but in fact, these gardening tools play a very important role, and use the rest of today, I will also explain the role of various gardening tools.

1. Disposable horticultural tools: When meat fans mix and spray medicines, they may inhale toxic substances. Disposable latex gloves and masks can provide a preventive effect, but remember not to recycle them. Disposable horticultural tools are preferable (it is better to use cloth pockets and stick labels after use to save trouble for cleaners).


Common horticultural tools I

2. Windmill: In cold winter, birds like to build nests on indoor balconies. Windmills can be used to prevent birds. 3. Air blowing: It belongs to the horticultural tool with high utilization rate. When water accumulates in the center of the leaves of fleshy plants, meat fans can use air blowing to clean up (the water accumulated on the leaves is easy to plug the air permeability holes on the leaves of plants).

Meat Plant Planting Tool Set

The fleshy plant planting kit includes U type scissors, air blows, cylindrical shovels, tweezers, spray bottles, drip bottles, and other kinds of fleshy plant planting tools. Small and delicate appearance, soft material, smooth plastic. Each drip tube and spray bottle body has a clearly visible scale.

Potted Plants with Super-germinating Polyporous Flowers in Jinzhiyu Leaves

Pot culture of hypergerminated fleshy flowering plants with Jinzhiyu leaves. Pink and tender color, delicate and small appearance, is the most characteristic of fleshy golden branches and jade leaves. Spring and autumn is the golden season for the growth and development of fleshy golden branches and leaves. At this stage, water and light supply in the planting environment should be guaranteed to promote plant growth.


Common horticultural tools II

4. Thermometer: The main function of the electronic thermometer is to monitor the indoor planting temperature and humidity, because the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment will be different from the temperature and humidity predicted by the weather forecast, and install an electronic thermometer in the indoor environment (after the indoor temperature exceeds the limit temperature that the plant can tolerate, measures should be taken to reduce and raise the temperature in time). It can monitor the temperature and humidity of the room in real time, so as to prevent the fleshy plants from encountering unexpected events (electronic thermometer, mainly used in summer and winter).

Intelligent Electronic Thermometer for Horticultural Tools of Meat Plants

Intelligent electronic thermometer for multi-meat plant horticulture tools, real-time temperature display can be switched to Fahrenheit, temperature and humidity sensors, 5 seconds acquisition interval, more stable measurement. Operating method: MODE key, can set time alarm clock, ADJ key, can display time, and close the alarm clock. MEMOPY key, showing the highest temperature and relative humidity.

Indoor Potted Planting of Meat-rich Combination of Golden Millennium Grass

Golden perennial grass meat combination indoor potted plants, golden color, compact plant type, very lovely. In spring and autumn, sufficient light and moisture should be added, shading and water control should be paid attention to in summer, and good indoor ventilation and certain temperature difference and illumination should be maintained in winter.


Common horticultural tools 3

5. Tweezers: Tweezers are mainly used to clean up the dead leaves at the bottom of fleshy plants and to tidy up the roots of plants. They are practical horticultural tools, but they are small in size and should be taken care of by meat fans. 6. U-shaped scissors: used to clean up the old roots of plant diseases. 7. Brush: Used to clean up the dust and water on the plant. 8. Cylinder shovel: container for transporting granular soil and peat soil.

Combination kit of multi-meat plant planting tools

Multi-flesh plant planting tools combination kit. Pink girl’s color, small and exquisite design, fried chicken cute. Including U-shaped shears, brushes, air blowing, tweezers, shovels, drip pipes, sprinklers, cylindrical shovels and other multi-meat plants will be used for planting tools, very practical.

Potted Plants of Agaricus blazei

Potted grape with fleshy plants, full and round leaves, with delicate red edges. In winter, when the temperature difference between day and night is suitable and the light is sufficient, the color of Ji grape will become more durable. But in summer, meat fans must be ready for shading, water control and ventilation in time.

7. Label: Name of meat plants, water preference, watering interval. Preparing these gardening gadgets in advance will surely ease your burden of maintaining fleshy plants, so you’re still hesitating about what to do.

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