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Everyone wants to have a natural scenery at home. If they want to have a small world full of spring, enthusiasm is not enough. Whether it is loosening soil, controlling water or pruning, they have corresponding gardening tools.

Especially for novice fans, a complete set of gardening tools can not only make it easier to plant flowers, but also make us enjoy the joy of planting process. With them, I think planting flowers will become a pleasure.


Shovel tool

It’s not easy to plant beautiful flowers in pots or gardens. Every time you use a hand shaver, you will inevitably make your hands dark, so a suitable horticultural shovel is very important. With them, daily gardening will become easier.

Stainless steel garden shovel

The steel shovel is made of white steel, polished and coated on the mirror surface to protect the shovel body from external corrosion and durable. Human engineering focuses on handle design, feel more comfortable, enjoy a comfortable gardening life. Suitable for soil excavation, loosening and cleaning.

Horticultural Flower Shovel

It is made of hardened high-quality steel, integrated moulding, streamlined design and durable handle. Pure steel handle, flexible and portable, suitable for potted transplantation. Humanized design, reasonable handle thickness, use experience more comfortable.


Pruning tool

Of course, after planting all kinds of green plants, there must be late pruning and leaf pruning. If you want green plants to keep their shape beautiful, if you want fruits and vegetables to open gardens, if you want flowers to compete for beauty, you must remember to prune the plants regularly.

Imported pruning from Taiwan

High quality SKS steel forging, Taiwan’s special grinding process, lasting sharp lifelong wear-free. High frequency forging, quenching and furnace return, durable. The scientifically matched blade angle is convenient and labor-saving, thus improving shearing efficiency and service life.

Horticultural scissors

Macaron pure color pruning, anti-skid and shock absorption, ergonomic design, comfortable handshake, high quality stainless steel material, durable. High springback spring, high efficiency and labor saving. The shear is smooth, the incision is neat, the branches are not injured, and the plant fibers are not easily damaged.


Water-pouring tools

Water is particularly important in the process of plant growth, of course, water is also the raw material of photosynthesis, and under transpiration will take away a lot of heat from plants. To maintain the normal temperature of the plant and maintain life activities, it is necessary to supplement a large amount of water.

Garden Household Long-mouthed Sprinkler

Mini lovely pure color kettle, made of environmentally friendly PP resin. Imported rubber ring, good sealing of outlet arm. Sprinkle with flowers and sprinkle with water. Drop the flowers and water them. It saves time and effort, and is also conducive to the health of flowers.

Garden watering pot

PE plastic material, non-toxic and tasteless, good heat resistance. Not easy to crack and ageing, long service life. Anti-skid design, high elastic button, engineering plastics, thick press rod, bearing weight, fast press, not easy to break, comfortable grip, easy to use.

If you want spring to be full of garden, you need the help of horticultural tools. It’s good to have some gardening tools at home!

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