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Baey believes that many friends have just entered the ranks of flower cultivation or are considering flower cultivation. In addition to selecting suitable flowers for their own cultivation, we also need to know in advance what tools and materials we will need in the process of cultivation. Today, Baey lists the most basic tools for flower cultivation, for your novice reference.








Potted plants, of course, need pots as containers for cultivation. For plants, pots are their homes. Before compiling, we introduced different pots and plants suitable for planting in different pots. We can choose the most suitable pots according to the characteristics of our own plants.




When purchasing, the most important thing is the diameter, height and material of the flowerpot.



Earth up





Most of our friends use the soil to cultivate the plants when they buy them back. Of course, we can choose the humus soil we allocate for the plants. In a word, it is very important to cultivate the soil with nutrition and fertility, which is the basis for the growth of flowers.










A kettle is a tool for watering plants, through which all the water needed for plant growth comes. There are two kinds of common kettles, one is sprinkler, which can imitate rainwater to water plants more evenly; the other is long-mouth water column kettle, which is the most common kettle and the most traditional one. It can help us to water the details of plants more accurately.



Spray kettle





Spray kettle is a very common tool that can be used for humidifying plants and for spraying insecticides.









Scissors can be used to help us shape plants, cut off old roots and dead branches, etc. Many friends will directly use the daily scissors for plant pruning, but the editor recommends that you buy special plant scissors, because the scissors are not only sharp, but also more suitable for plant traits for pruning.



Horticultural shovel





In the process of flower cultivation, a versatile horticultural shovel is indispensable for flower cultivation, soil exchange, soil loosening and potting.









Fertilizer is also an indispensable part of plant growth. It can provide plants with the nutrients they want to grow, help them to blossom and bear fruits, and thrive.

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