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Are you still worried about the problem of yellow leaves drying up because the plants at home are not cared for properly, or because the plants are sick because they are not cared for properly. With these little troubles, the plants need pruning. At this time, you need a safe and simple gardening cut.

BIU different flower scissors

This different gardening scissors have a great deal of beauty. Many of the gardening scissors on the market are ugly. They are wrapped in plastic. They are not easy to use and stick or even scratch after degumming. This gardening scissors are much safer and not bulky.

BIU is simple and convenient to use

It is easy to use and can be used when opened, because the semi-circular design of the blade is very suitable for the pruning of plant growth points. Ordinary plants grow fast when they are slanted and pruned, but it’s not too convenient for them to be skillfully designed for gardening.

BIU carefully designed for multiple purposes

Careful printing fresh design to meet the aesthetic needs of all ages, and smooth and delicate surface without trace, do not worry about grinding hands, and florets in addition to the usual use to trim flowers and green plants, sometimes I use this gardening scissors, especially carton express delivery.

BIU scissors

This scissors do not need to worry about whether they will adhere to a layer of plant juice like scissors, and become blunt after washing. Don’t worry about these problems. Just wipe it gently with paper when dirty. Rinse it with water and it will be clean and quick.

With this gardening scissors, I believe that everyone will fall in love with planting life, do not worry about bad flower planting yo.

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