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I bought a so-called intelligent watering equipment online. Then, when I got the goods and saw them in my hand, I thought that intelligence was a little far away. Intelligence should be self-learning. Force, but this thing, at most, is an automatic watering device.

The equipment is also very simple, that is, a pump, a micro pump, plus a timing module, plus a conduit bow and so on.

As for similar products, there are actually many websites that have seen them. Generally speaking, the only difference is that their human-computer interaction may be different. The best human-computer interaction is that you don’t need to read the instructions to use them. For example, many intelligent hardware of millet is like this. So, how good is this thing?

Actually, it’s not good to use. I didn’t use it before, so I tried it. After loading it, I got a large storage box of 30 liters. Then I put less water in it, multiplied by 30 liters of water, and adjusted several parameters. One is the irrigation time, which is from 0 seconds to 5 minutes. Its maximum water can only be poured for five minutes. After that, the interval time, I think, is about five minutes. It was set up once every five days and then delayed.

At present, it has been installed for three months. Probably try it first. The condition is OK. There is no leakage, but there is a strange feeling, such as dripping in the hospital. But that’s okay. This is temporary operation. You can do the same.

If you’re doing this, it’s better to calculate it first, because if you add a sprinkler, it will dilute a part of the flow, which may lead to the flow of each sprinkler is not fixed, for example, like a pump in a minute of water output is 500 ml, which is unchanged, it will never change, but if you add a pump, is it necessary to dilute it? It’s like your home has a new computer and uses a part of WiFi. The Internet speed is slow at home. The reason is the same.

If you have 10 flowerpots with 10 bows, the water output per drop per minute is 50 ml, 50 ml is one or two water, and one or two water is not a lot, right?

So, for example, if you use a gallon basin of 3.7 liters, then the inside is 3 liters of soil, it needs at least 300 milliliters of water. It is more appropriate to pour 300 milliliters of water at a time, because the drip pipe is more water-saving, unlike irrigation is more water-consuming, so you need at least five minutes of water time to be able to oh!

If the flowerpot is bigger, increase the number of times, for example, from once to twice, and the system can be set up very simply.

This is the first experience of an automatic watering device. If you need it, you can try it.

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