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In foreign countries, iron chopsticks, a kind of plant, usually blossoms around Christmas. Even if it is planted outdoors, it is no problem. Even if it is snowing outside, it still grows green in the ice and snow, and it can still blossom. So, the cold tolerance of this kind of flower is very good.

Such a good flower, also has a very pleasant name abroad, because it blossoms beautiful and still evergreen, so it is also known as the Christmas Rose, is it particularly pleasant to hear? And the flowering time of iron chopsticks is also super long. Once flowering, it can last for three or two months, it’s no problem at all.

But ah, like chopsticks and hydrangeas, petals are not real flowers, it is a degeneration of sepals. Its real flowers are stamens and pistils in the middle of sepals, and sepals outside. So, similar to this kind of leaves, like flowers like smooth sailing or Anthurium andraeanum, because its flowering period is too long, it is very suitable for the Spring Festival appreciation.

Because iron chopsticks survive at low temperatures below 10 degrees below zero, there is no problem. Therefore, in many plateau forest areas in Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi, this plant will be planted.

Another interesting thing is that iron chopsticks sleep in summer. You will find that iron chopsticks grow very well in autumn and winter, but ah, it does not mean that you can easily keep good iron chopsticks. This fellow, like Erha, shows great prestige in winter and is difficult to serve in summer. So, to raise iron chopsticks in summer, we still need to put more effort into it.

Therefore, if you want to keep iron chopsticks well in summer, you’d better put them in a place where the shade, ventilation and scattered light are very strong and wet. Only in this way can it spend the summer safely. Otherwise, iron chopsticks will not blossom in autumn and winter, or they will be sunned directly in summer.

Soil for iron chopsticks is not much to say. Poor air permeability is the most basic requirement for flower planting. So you should use potted soil, preferably a root-control pot, and then add some bone meal when cultivating. This pot is more conducive to the rooting of iron chopsticks, and naturally grows better and better! _______

Then, what I want to say later is that if you want to make the iron chopsticks blossom better in autumn and winter, you must keep the temperature between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius. Only by keeping this temperature well and then giving it a certain amount of light, can the flowers of the iron chopsticks blossom beautifully and the whole plant grow very luxuriantly.

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