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Today, I would like to tell you that the name of Euphorbia officinalis, a super net in foreign horticultural circles, is actually very memorable, because its leaves grow very similar to that of Euphorbia officinalis. When it blossoms, the petals are very similar to those of ancient weapons, so it is called Euphorbia officinalis.

So why should I share this plant with you?

First of all, it is because when it blossoms, I personally think it is very beautiful. In addition, it has a very long flowering period, which can reach about 8 to 10 months.

When Euphorbia officinalis blossoms, it is not like other flowers, it does not have a graceful appearance, but it is very fresh and elegant, there is no pretension of another gesture!

Not all flowers have the characteristics of Euphorbia officinalis. It is precisely because of its fresh and elegant quality that it once became the net red product of foreign horticultural enthusiasts.

However, another reason for its popularity is that we use a multifaceted approach. It can be used not only as a garden landscape, but also as a flower border or flower bed edge, which is very good. Similarly, it’s the perfect companion for our potted combination, and many people grow it beautifully with other plants.

In addition, is the most concerned issue, how to plant Euphorbia officinalis.

First of all, we need to know that Euphorbia officinalis belongs to the long-sunshine plant. Only when the sunshine lasts a long time, its flowers can blossom better. Moreover, Euphorbia officinalis is also very resistant to high temperature and humidity, which is the gospel of Southern flower buddies.

So, when choosing the medium for cultivation, I think you should choose the medium with a little air permeability.

Fertilizer application, because it is in the growth period when flowering, so we can use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balanced water-soluble fertilizer every half month except winter.

Water this aspect is very simple, according to the principle of see dry see wet OK.

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